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You can add your voice. Sign the Million For Marriage petition. It takes is a minute or less of your time.

There are 1,027,909 petition signatures as of May 31, 2009.

Here is a fun site for dating I was heartily invited to link to - great job Deb! Here you are!

Gay Dating Service

Pride Dating Is The Newest & Hottest Gay Dating Service In The United States.
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A site with tons of links, resources and information: My Gay Online

This is a site that exposes hypocritical gay politicos ~

Here is a buying guide that the Human Rights Campaign researched and built, showing what companies in America support or do not do such a great job supporting equality. It is available in either HTML or PDF format.

A Very Funny Video about Boston vs. P-Town (and sadly ~ pretty true!)

You may want to double/triple click on this & go direct to YouTube -
this embed link plays a bit choppy I noticed.
This may not be suitable for all - there are rather
graphic & suggestive (gay) images in it. What fun.

I have always been gay. All my life I have had a special charge, an attraction for other guys. I have felt nothing similar for girls or women. I am just wired for men. I was into Batman and Robin when I was a kid, not Wonder Woman (or her amazing amazon breasts). Don't get me wrong; I think Wonder Woman is fabulous. I just have no desire to see what is under her groovy costume. She needs to keep that lycra on and beat up the bad guys. Now, if Batman's costume gets ripped across his broad, muscular chest as he grapples with some big, strong thug, well . . . . .

When I was in the hospital, after my car accident in 1989, I had a complete memory loss. I did not have the slightest idea who I was for many weeks. I did not know my name or recognize my family and friends. I did not speak or understand words spoken to me. My mind was a blank, and I also "forgot" what happened from one second to the next. My injured brain would not record new memory, and could not access any past memory.

I did not start to speak for about 2 months, and even then it was very slowly and haltingly, as I searched for words and off times forgot what the heck I was trying to say when I was part of the way through a sentence. I slowly re-learned things like my name, who my family and friends were, how to speak and walk (I had physical, speech and occupational therapy a few times a week) and just how to move around in a world I had very little understanding, knowledge or memory of. I am saying this to tell how out of it I was for quite some time.

Even in this very gray and shapeless place, I was still gay. I couldn't remember my name, didn't recognize my mother when she came to see me, couldn't even remember how to unscrew a tube of toothpaste (that had me stymied for a long time - good thing for those flip-top ones!), and my eyes still went to my cute roommate. My attraction to him was as natural as blinking my eyes or yawning (which was often at this time) and I had no idea about anything then. I just thought my roommate was cute.

I did not have any actual sexual thoughts about him - my mind was too simple then to hold such ideas - I just enjoyed looking at him. I felt that attraction, even though it had no shape or design. Very similar to how I recall being attracted to strong male figures when I was a kid. I did not think what I could do with those male Olympic athletes, I just really liked watching them go tumbling gymnastics across the mats.

I did not really like my roommate. He was an angry young fellow, with some memory of his life from Before, but he was not recovering as fast as I was. He was not kind to me and his family ignored me when they were there, but I still liked looking at him. This experience of mine, where I felt attracted to other men (and none of the nurses, though some of them were pretty, which I recognized in an aesthetic/non-sexual way, like appreciating flowers or brightly colored birds) has shown me I am gay at the base of my being, before anything I have learned or can remember in life. I am gay before memory, before the dawn of my awareness.

I am rock solid sure of my sexuality now. I know it is other men who charge my batteries, rev my engine, inflate my (tires?) OK - enough of that ~ I just know who and what I am attracted to, at the solid core of my being. I wish I could bottle what I have & give it away. I have met too many other queer guys who live lives of hopeless futility.

I met one of these sorry guys in the late 1990's, and I just totally fell in love with him before I knew. It was extraordinary. I'll call him Mr X.

This man helped me to regain my emotions. Until I met Mr. X, I lived in a very gray and shapeless world, emotionally speaking. I did not realize this because I just didn't remember what it felt like to FEEL. I met this man, really connected with him, had a wonderful time with him on all levels. We had fantastic sex, I had a great time talking with him about all sorts of things, he was kind, good looking, charming, and I started dreaming about building a terrific life with this fabulous man. I thought of him all the time.

I understood what all the stupid LOVE songs are about, because that is how I felt. It was joyous and wonderful. It was amazing and incredible - I really felt like I could see colors after living my whole life as a blind man or I could smell roses after living a life on dry sawdust - it was that dramatic a change. It was the most dramatic part of my whole multi-year recovery. My emotional awareness, my soul, changed for me in a matter of days. Unfolding and growing to vast new areas I had never imagined before. My emotions were back, the part of ourselves we have at the very top, bottom, middle and everywhere of our minds and lives, the part of me that was suddenly THERE again after I totally forgot about them. Suddenly they was with me again after being gone with no trace for over 6 years.

Then 2 weeks into our knowing each other, he sent me an email. He said he was scared. He said he liked me a lot too, but he had something to tell me. His name wasn't Mr. X, it was Mr. W.

And he had a wife and 4 kids.

I recall I sat at my computer, in my room by the window, for over half an hour just staring at the screen, digesting this new reality. Mr. X was actually Mr. W. And there was no way I could be with him because there was already his wife and 4 kids there. I admit, all kinds of thoughts tumbled through my head - ways to be with him, how I could get rid of the wife and kids, how I could keep knowing him - all kinds of crazy shit. I was a fool in love.

His wife even tracked me down at work a week after that (he had told her he was staying with a new friend who worked at Bread & Circus out in Hadley and she was curious to meet me). I assumed she knew the score, so when we talked, I told her everything that was going on. Apparently it was mostly news to her (though she's had her suspicions) so I guess Mr. W had an interesting homecoming that night. She is a good woman, from what I recall, as Mr. W is a good man - just caught in the fucked up mess Society has inflicted on queer people for far, far too long. Unfortunately, in their case, there are a number of kids involved, so they can't very easily call it a day and move on.

I realized, in time, there was just no way. I do not know what he is doing now. At one point I tracked down his contact information online (phone number & address) (we had only communicated via email) but what would be the point of talking to him? I knew from what he told me he was very firmly installed in a life with his immediate family, a broad extended family, work and friends and all I can hope is he's been able to do whatever to live a happy life in whatever way he can. I do wish him well. He has a much much tougher row to hoe than I do. When I wake up with my husband, he is really who I wish to be with.

I have met my vegan mate. His name is Donn, and he's from Iowa. He saw a profile I had on VeggieDate and contacted me. We met in NYC a month after that for a lunch date. A few dozen emails, phonecalls, he visited Massachusetts a few times, I went to Iowa to meet some of his friends and his folks, then I flew out to Iowa in 2004 and drove back with him and his stuff in a UHaul. We settled here in Cambridge, MA.

We were married on January 27, 2006. That is one of the best things about living in Massachusetts. Gays and Lesbians can get legally married here to the man or woman they love. I know my sister and her wife (and their daughter) appreciate that too. And the multi-year effort by some minions of Satan (no matter what they say, they're working from Fear and Hate) has failed, as those so-called "Christian" people missed the 50 state legislatures they needed out of 200 in our state government to move their bigoted constitutional amendment forward. I ask - what would Jesus do? Would He vote to strip loving couples of their marriages? I don't think so. He was a right-on dude, as I understand it. Though I have read some interesting comments lately about how, despite the Books of the Bible (written separately years after his supposed death) there are no other historical records of his existence. You'd think if there was a guy who walked on water, was a great healer of the sick, performed other miracles, there would be some comment, some record of this. But, all there is seems to be are the four Books, written separately, years apart by different men. How curious. Check out a video called: "The God Who Wasn't There" - it brings up some interesting points. But, I digress.

Gay marriage has been legal here in Massachusetts for 5+ years now, and Massachusetts actually has the lowest rate of divorce in the country. So much for destroying marriage. Divorce destroys marriage, not gays. 'Opening' up marriage to the gays and lesbians has not done in marriage, and this state shows the majority of citizens, straight and gay, mean what they say when they make that vow. We'll see how things go in California in 2010 when gay marriage is on the ballet there again. It is just a matter of time, no matter what the religious freaks do and say. Gay people are never going away, but the crazy religious people are slowly dying off, and in a few years they'll be a minority of the population in most all places.

With Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and even Iowa joining as states that allow same sex marriage, it is inevitable that within the next 10 years I predict gay marriage will be legal across the USA. It is, in the end, a matter of equal rights under the law, something we are all guaranteed in the US Constitution.

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