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See frozen crystals, delicate
can't touch though they're so fine
I would love to hold your smile
trace patterns down your spine
while the days fly sailing by
as lovers, arm in arm
stroll through sunset autumn air
romantic magic charm

Was I too late in getting up?
too soon growing old?
it seems I've made mistakes with time
it's hard to live so cold
I ache, I shake, in pain I wait
for sun so swiftly sinking
and waiting I can't help but try
to clarify my thinking.

The days, the weeks, the years pass by
and drop their driftwood jams
which block clear flow, hold back the tide
cement us into dams
by bits and pieces, Life it takes yourself away from you
and you hussle bits from others
mix them with a desparate glue.

Assembling Self, it never stops
forever some are taking
parts of the person you once were
the one who's in the making



I would be the color gray
stormclouds on a rainy day
brown eyes underneath brown hair
damp mist hanging in the air

grey is a color of the mind
black and white both intertwined
it has been confusion too
a lighter black, a faded blue

calmness, contemplation, thought
peace after the battle's fought
drifting dust beneath a skylight
neutral shades of early twilight
light and darkness knit together
a cloak to hide myself forever
something not quite there or here
sounds you almost didn't hear

collision stopped by car that swerves
too much, it grates upon the nerves
uneasiness, footsteps behind
a feeling half-felt, ill defined
smoke rising on a frosty day
melancholy here to stay
not the darkness, not the dawn
a poem that goes on and on
and on and on and on


I am near you
we have kissed
and we shall, always
though the miles of distance
become days

We touched, so
we touch forever.
Two nights I knew you
and neither of us slept much
and that's a more than even trade
for what I gained
how I healed
and grew.

As I live into my future
which my past has taught me
not to hold
hopes for (though I do hold hope)
it is my wish
that I may hold you


the lightning man is on our roof
playing up the storms
with fingers of fire
lightly caressing the clouds
so soft
yet holding the power
and wind and thunder

the earth woman is in our yard
she speaks with the trees
and rolls in the grass
laughing with the birds and beetles
until she sinks into our basement
to lie with the waiting stones


Godzilla sits upon Tokyo Tower
and all the King's Soldiers
and all the Emperor's tanks
and missiles
and lasers
and thermo-nuclear devices
won't bring him down.

Godzilla stole Fay Wrey's heart
so she jilted King Kong
(that crazy gorilla)
and went off to spend the night
up upon Tokyo Tower
while Hollywood shot another movie
and Lucas made another million
and the Wicked Witch melts
again and again
on cool celluloid.


My head has been struck
with mysterious violence.
I say mysterious because
It broke my ribs
punctured my lungs
paralyzed my left arm and
my left leg
for some long, difficult months
and put me in a coma for seven days.

I do not remember driving into that big tree
the tree I can see the car scar on to this day
the tree that wrecked my car
and nearly myself as well
(I am glad that tree still stands strong.
I trust it can remember all it's seasons
in proper tree fashion.)

I have learned a lot in my wanderings, my wonderings
through time and this awesome absolute
since my Big Bad Accident

I learned a lot in my decade at Umass, Amherst
working on one degree or other for 10 patient years
and finally managing to to finish
with a BA in English
in May of 1999.

My human frame
holds human glass
We only explode for a second


I remember living
in a house beside the sea
in a time when I was young
and all I knew were free
we stayed the summers there,
flying kites inside the sky
memories pass through my mind,
like ships which sail through time.

But the people soon were gone
to winter homes of frost
leaving footprints on the beach
and trails of car exhaust
I lived inside a crystal home
warming feet so cold
with memories of summertimes
until I passed to old.

And we live by the Ocean now
with waves that chase the sand
reviving older images
of seas as seen from land
we stay the seasons here
and watch the ships sail by
waiting for the winds to rise
to lift our kites inside the sky









I know this girl
I used to see
not teribly different
than you or me
she lights up a butt
to kill time



Moon, what is it that you see
spinning 'round the Earth
all humankind beneath your shine
the life, the death, the birth
the cities, highways, people
sudden flash atomic bombs
to spite our own inventiveness
we may not last too long
but even if we all should die
I know, for what it's worth
the Moon will go on shining
travelling brightly 'round the Earth
if after we are gone
an insect sees my Moon in space
The man who lives there
he'll be gone
a cockroach in his place


I let her sleep in
the day she died.

It was a rushed morning
I was working a double,
and she was tired, so was I.
I let her sleep in.

She was happy that day
the day that she died.

We didn't get along very well
the first month I was there
but over the weeks
I got to know her
she got to know me
I learned the way she liked things
what she didn't like
she came to know me
saw me do what I said I would do
take care to do my job right
she came to like me too.

She went out to dinner
with her daughter
the night that she died.

She came back, she was tired.
I helped her undress and dress for bed
and she didn't want to go to bed just then
so I helped her out into the hall
by the nurse's station, where she usually sat
and she was there in the hall
in her wheelchair
talking and laughing with other residents who were still up
the nurses and other aides
then at 11:20pm, right before my shift was over
she reached out, tried to stand
tried to breath
fell over
jerked her body, her head
and she was dead in 30 seconds.


I had never seen anyone die before
anyone I knew
Someone I had talked with mintes before
and helped get ready for bed.
I felt a profound helplessness
and resignation.

It was time for her.
I knew she was waiting to go
To stop having to push through the stiff, dusty
and uncomfortable time
her life had become

And I let her sleep in
the day that she died.


Victoria got an invitation
as she was eating raisins
to a startling occasion
taking place in the fall
it was the Cunnilingus Ball.

Now before you get offended
and wish this tale were ended
think of the effort I've expended
to bring this to you all
news of the Cunnilingus Ball.

Victoria was quite excited
just to think she'd been invited
but wondered how she had been sighted
(for she wasn't all that tall)
but still! The Cunnilingus Ball!

The Ballroom was aswirl
new dress, hair freshly curled
in attendence were but girls
some holding parasols
at the Cunnilingus Ball.

Victoria was torn asunder
"There must be" she thought "a blunder"
all around, Women of Wonder
she, a flower on the wall
at the Cunnilingis Ball.

And we have a happy ending
soon she found herself befriending
many sweet souls there attending
especially one who drawled "Y'all"
it was the Cunnilingus Ball.